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Provo was introduced in 2003 to provide premium yet feasible eyewear options. It is now one of the leading names in the fashion eyewear industry. It was incepted to provide quality eyewear to both men and women at affordable prices.

Over the years, Provo has grown by leaps and bounds. It now sells glasses across multiple categories, colours and designs across more than 500 retail outlets.

Why Provo?

The top 3 things any customer looks at while purchasing a pair of glasses is durability, style and price. At Provo, we continuously aim to ace all these 3 aspects.

You want to buy a pair of glasses that lasts for a good amount of time before you make a visit to the store again. Keeping that in mind, our eyewear experts specialize in designing frames that are built with comfortable long lasting materials. Our efforts are for our customers to get the very best with zero need for return or repair.

Each frame at Provo is designed and customized as per preferences of an ideal customer, across different shapes and colour combinations. Our team comes with years of experience in blending traditional craftsmanship with latest optical designs.

Price is the single most influencing decision making factor as long as the customer is concerned and we stand right by it. Despite providing top notch quality and latest designs, our products are priced to make sure that we don’t make a dent in your pocket. At Provo, you can expect to choose from a range of different eyewear at reasonable prices.

Our Advantage


Get the very best


Designed and customized as per preferences


Different eyewear at reasonable prices.

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